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Private European Tours

Private European toursThere’s nothing cookie cutter about our bespoke tour itineraries. Each of our private Eureopean tours is designed to suit your unique interests.

We will communicate back and forth until we have a crystal clear image of your perfect vacation. Then the real planning starts on our end! You, as the guest, just kick back and daydream about your upcoming trip and let us work our magic. After we meet up with you at your our pre-designated meeting point in Europe, you’ll be off on adventures without a hitch.

The longest and most complex trip we’ve worked on was 33 days for first-time European travelers who wanted to make the most effective use of their time, including visiting a custom shoemaker in Florence, cooking classes and market shopping in Tuscany and Burgundy, and concerts in Vienna. You want this level of expertise and precision for your trip-of-a-lifetime, too. And we’ll deliver!

Start now by filling out this questionnaire. We’ll respond right away to work with you to create your dream European Vacation.

Pricing depends on number of people, number of days, destinations, and level of luxury desired. We can provide an estimate once those factors are determined.